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Hollywood Kids

Inedit - 01/01/2995

Bruce Springsteen

The Hollywood kids each and everyone
With their high class smile and their biggest town
Lonely hearted losers dressed in the tinsel of the times
Known all the latest lines and the order in which they come

So perfumed sweet and so obscene
Like the fancy dancers in our dirty dream1 Oh they know hello and goodbye but not what goes in between
Yeah and its such a scene on Saturday night

Fifth Avenue freaks straight off the racks
They swear you can buy and sell your soul on a good day outside

They're Hollywood kids each and everyone
And on Sunday back into their holes they run
And on Monday here I stand alone on this littered stage
Like an animal who forgot he was in a cage
Just a restless soul, just waiting for 'em to come
Them Hollywood kids each and everyone

Yeah that's it through that one !

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