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Song To The Orphans

Inedit - 01/01/2995

Bruce Springsteen

The multitude assembled and tried to make the noise
Them black blind poet generals and restless loud white boys
But time's grew thin and the axis was left somehow incomplete
Where instead of child lions was left agein' junkie sheep

And how many wasted have I seen signed "Hollywood or bust"1
Lleft to ride those ever ghostly Arizona gusts
Cheerleader tramps and kids with big amps soundin' helpless in the void
High society vamps and ex-heavyweight champs mistakin' soot for soil

So break me now Big Mama as Old Faithful2 breaks the day
Believe me my good Linda, let the aurora shine the way
The Confederacy, she's in my name now, and the hounds are held at bay
The axis needs a stronger arm, do you feel your muscle play

The doorstep blanket weaver, oh Madonna pushes bells
From house to house I see her givin' last kisses and wishin' well
To every gypsy mystic and hero that all the babies might find a place
Who've been lost to true fathers and mothers
on their time travels deep in space

Now the sons return for fathers, but the fathers are all gone
Oh and the lost souls search for saviours, but saviours don't last long
Those aimless questless renegade brats who live their lives in songs
Run the length of a candle, and in a goodnight whisper and a puff they're gone


The missions are filled with hermits lookin' for a friend
The terraces are filled with cat-men lookin' for a way in
And orphans abandoned on silver mountains
are jumped in celestial alleyways
Wait for that old tramp Dog Man Moses 'cause he takes in all the strays

He told me, "don't grow on empty legends boy, or lonely cradle songs
'Cause Billy the Kid was just a bowery boy
who made a living twirlin' his guns
And this night she'll be long and lanky, and she'll speak in a mother tongue"
And then he lullabied the refugees with an amplifier's hum


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Nombre d'interprétations live : 4
Première interprétation : 01/12/1972
Dernière interprétation : 22/11/2005

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