Early Years - 327 concerts

The Castilles
00/02/1965Freehold NJUSAThe Elks Club
00/05/1965Freehold NJUSAThe Elks Club
00/06/1965Freehold NJUSATex Vinyard Residence
00/08/1965Freehold NJUSAWoodhaven Swim Club
00/09/1965Freehold NJUSASilvermead Trailer Park
15/09/1965Freehold NJUSAFreehold Regional High School
00/10/1965Fort Monmouth NJUSATeen Club
00/10/1965Monmouth County NJ USAReception Hall
08/10/1965Howell NJUSAFreewood Acres Fire Department
00/11/1965Freehold NJUSAShop-Rite Supermarket
00/12/1965Freehold NJUSAChamber Of Commerce
22/04/1966Matawan NJ USAMatawan-Keyport Roller Drome
29/04/1966Matawan NJ USAMatawan-Keyport Roller Drome
01/06/1966Freehold NJUSAThe Elks Club
02/07/1966Sea Bright NJUSASurf 'n See Club
10/07/1966Sea Bright NJUSASurf 'n See Club
29/07/1966Hazlet NJ USALoew's 35 Drive In
14/08/1966Sea Bright NJUSASurf 'n See Club
21/08/1966Sea Bright NJUSASurf 'n See Club
01/09/1966Howell NJUSAI.B. Club
17/09/1966Sea Bright NJUSASurf 'n See Club
01/10/1966Middletown NJUSAMiddletown Hullabaloo
03/11/1966Middletown NJUSAMiddletown Hullabaloo
26/11/1966Middletown NJUSAMiddletown Hullabaloo
03/12/1966Matawan NJ USAMatawan-Keyport Roller Drome
22/12/1966Middletown NJUSAMiddletown Hullabaloo
10/03/1967Middletown NJUSAMiddletown Hullabaloo
09/06/1967Freehold NJUSAFreehold Regional High School
02/07/1967Sea Bright NJUSASurf 'n See Club
12/08/1967Sea Bright NJUSASurf 'n See Club
16/09/1967Freehold NJUSALeft Foot Teen Club
22/09/1967Freehold NJUSAWest Freehold School
30/09/1967Freehold NJUSALeft Foot Teen Club
07/10/1967Middletown NJUSAMiddletown Community Center
24/11/1967Freehold NJUSAFreehold Regional High School
01/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
02/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
03/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
08/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
09/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
10/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
15/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
16/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
17/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
22/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
23/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
24/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
27/12/1967New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
29/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
30/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
31/12/1967New York NYUSACafe Wha
02/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
03/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
05/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
06/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
07/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
12/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
13/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
14/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
19/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
20/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
21/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
26/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
27/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
28/01/1968New York NYUSACafe Wha
03/02/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
19/02/1968Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
23/02/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
10/03/1968Freehold NJUSAFreehold Hullabaloo
22/03/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
26/04/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
08/06/1968Middletown NJUSAMiddletown Hullabaloo
18/06/1968Long Branch NJUSAYMCA Battle Of The Bands
19/06/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
06/07/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
17/07/1968Red Bank NJUSAOff Broad Street Coffee House
17/07/1968Red Bank NJUSAOff Broad Street Coffee House
24/07/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
10/08/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
16/08/1968Red Bank NJUSAOff Broad Street Coffee House
16/08/1968Red Bank NJUSAOff Broad Street Coffee House
24/08/1968Brooklyn NYUSAV.F.W. Reception Hall
13/09/1968Red Bank NJUSAOff Broad Street Coffee House
13/09/1968Red Bank NJUSAOff Broad Street Coffee House
18/09/1968Toms River NJUSAOcean County College
20/09/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
01/10/1968Toms River NJUSAOcean County College
12/10/1968Freehold NJUSAFreehold Hullabaloo
19/10/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
22/11/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
01/12/1968New York NYUSAFillmore East
27/12/1968New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
17/01/1969New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
14/02/1969Long Branch NJUSAIAMA Clubhouse
Child / Steel Mill
21/02/1969Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
13/03/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
28/03/1969Long Branch NJUSAWest End Park
02/04/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
03/04/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
04/04/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
09/04/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
10/04/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
11/04/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
12/04/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
13/04/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
20/04/1969Toms River NJUSAOcean County College
02/05/1969New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
03/05/1969Asbury Park NJUSAHullabaloo
11/05/1969Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
23/05/1969New Shrewsbury NJ USALe Teendezvous
28/05/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
28/05/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
28/05/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
29/05/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
30/05/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
31/05/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
01/06/1969Richmond VAUSAMonroe Park
01/06/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
07/06/1969Margate City NJAllemagneBlessed Sacrament Regional School
13/06/1969Long Branch NJUSAThe Auction Coffee House
14/06/1969Long Branch NJUSAThe Auction Coffee House
15/06/1969Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
15/07/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
16/07/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
17/07/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
18/07/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
19/07/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
20/07/1969Wanamassa NJ USAPandemonium
29/08/1969Sea Bright NJUSAOceanside Surf Club
01/09/1969Long Branch NJUSAThe Beachcomber
19/09/1969Richmond VAUSAFree University
20/09/1969Richmond VAUSAFree University
15/10/1969Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
01/11/1969Richmond VAUSAVcu Gym
14/11/1969Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
20/11/1969Richmond VAUSAFree University
21/11/1969Ashland VA USARandolph-Macon College
22/11/1969Ashland VA USARandolph-Macon College
25/11/1969Union NJUSANewark State College
12/12/1969Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
20/12/1969Wanamassa NJ USAChallenger Eastern Surfboards
31/12/1969Big Sur CAUSAEsalen Institute
02/01/1970Big Sur CAUSAEsalen Institute
08/01/1970San Francisco CAUSAAvalon Ballroom
13/01/1970San Francisco CAUSAThe Matrix
17/01/1970Kentfied CAUSACollege Of Marin
22/01/1970San Francisco CAUSAThe Matrix
01/02/1970Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
09/02/1970San Francisco CAUSAFillmore West
12/02/1970San Francisco CAUSAThe Matrix
13/02/1970San Francisco CAUSAFillmore West
14/02/1970San Francisco CAUSAThe Matrix
18/02/1970San Francisco CAUSAFillmore West
23/02/1970Kentfied CAUSACollege Of Marin
27/02/1970Richmond VAUSAFree University
28/02/1970Richmond VAUSAFree University
01/03/1970Richmond VAUSAVcu Gym
27/03/1970Richmond VAUSAHullabaloo
28/03/1970Richmond VAUSAHullabaloo
18/04/1970Toms River NJUSAOcean County College
24/04/1970Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
04/05/1970Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
10/05/1970Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
16/05/1970Richmond VAUSAVcu Gym
23/05/1970Richmond VAUSAVcu Gym
31/05/1970Richmond VAUSAVirginia State Fairground
05/06/1970Lakewood NJ USARegency Hotel
13/06/1970Bricktown NJ USAOcean Ice Palace
21/06/1970Atlantic Highlands NJ USAClearwater Swim Club
11/07/1970Long Branch NJUSAFreak Beach
17/07/1970Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
18/07/1970Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
27/07/1970Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
01/08/1970Richmond VAUSAunknown venue
08/08/1970Long Branch NJUSAThe Beachcomber
14/08/1970Richmond VAUSA7th And Marshall Street Parking
29/08/1970Wanamassa NJ USAChallenger Eastern Surfboards
30/08/1970Wanamassa NJ USAChallenger Eastern Surfboards
05/09/1970Wanamassa NJ USAChallenger Eastern Surfboards
06/09/1970Wanamassa NJ USAChallenger Eastern Surfboards
11/09/1970Atlantic Highlands NJ USAClearwater Swim Club
19/09/1970Point Pleasant NJUSABeacon Beach
25/09/1970Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
09/10/1970Richmond VAUSAThe String Factory
10/10/1970Nashville TNUSACentennial Park
11/10/1970Richmond VAUSAMosque Theatre
17/10/1970Long Branch NJUSAMonmouth College
23/10/1970Richmond VAUSAUniversity Of Richmond
25/10/1970Richmond VAUSAUniversity Of Richmond
27/10/1970Nashville TNUSANashville Music Festival
31/10/1970Nashville TNUSACentennial Park
02/11/1970Richmond VAUSAUniversity Of Richmond
20/11/1970Richmond VAUSAThe String Factory
25/11/1970Union NJUSANewark State College
27/11/1970Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
27/11/1970Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
18/01/1971Sayerville NJUSAD'Scene
22/01/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
23/01/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
Période "Jam"
19/02/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
20/02/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
26/02/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
27/02/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
05/03/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
06/03/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
12/03/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
13/03/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
18/03/1971Deal NJUSADeal Park
27/03/1971Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
27/03/1971Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
16/04/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
16/04/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
17/04/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
17/04/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
23/04/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
23/04/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
24/04/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
24/04/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
14/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
15/05/1971Union NJUSANewark State College
15/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
21/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
21/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
21/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
22/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
22/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
22/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
28/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
29/05/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
18/06/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
18/06/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
19/06/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
20/06/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
27/06/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
02/07/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
03/07/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
03/07/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
04/07/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
The Bruce Springsteen Band
10/07/1971Lincroft NJUSABrookdale Community College
11/07/1971Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
22/07/1971Sayerville NJUSAD'Scene
22/07/1971Sayerville NJUSAD'Scene
23/07/1971New York NYUSALincoln Center Damrosch Park
29/07/1971Sayerville NJUSAD'Scene
29/07/1971Sayerville NJUSAD'Scene
07/08/1971Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
27/08/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
28/08/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
29/08/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
01/09/1971Long Branch NJUSAGarfield Park
03/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
04/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
05/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
10/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
11/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
12/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
17/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
18/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
19/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
24/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
25/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
26/09/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
01/10/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
02/10/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
03/10/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
08/10/1971New Brunswick NJUSARutgers University
15/10/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
16/10/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
17/10/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
23/10/1971Richmond VAUSAUniversity Of Richmond
25/10/1971Richmond VAUSARichmond Arena
29/10/1971Long Branch NJUSASt. Jerome School
29/10/1971Asbury Park NJUSAThe Upstage
30/10/1971Richmond VAUSAVcu Gym
31/10/1971Long Branch NJUSANational Guard Armory
12/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
13/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
14/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
19/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
20/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
21/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
23/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
24/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
26/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
28/11/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
03/12/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
04/12/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
05/12/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
10/12/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
11/12/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
12/12/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
17/12/1971New Brunswick NJUSARutgers University
18/12/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
19/12/1971Asbury Park NJUSAStudent Prince
25/01/1972Atlantic Highlands NJ USAChallenger Eastern Surfboards
28/01/1972Neptune NJUSAThe Captain's Garter
29/01/1972Neptune NJUSAThe Captain's Garter
30/01/1972Neptune NJUSAThe Captain's Garter
04/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
05/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
06/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
12/02/1972Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
12/02/1972Asbury Park NJUSASunshine In
18/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
19/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
20/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
25/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
26/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
27/02/1972Richmond VAUSAThe Backdoor Club
03/03/1972Metuchen NJUSASaint Joseph High School
17/03/1972Richmond VAUSARichmond Arena
18/03/1972Hampden Sydney VAUSAHampden Sydney College
15/04/1972New Brunswick NJUSARutgers University
01/06/1972Point Pleasant NJUSAPrivate residence
Période Solo "Pré- E Street Band"
05/07/1972Red Bank NJUSACinema III
09/08/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City
09/08/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City
10/08/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City
11/08/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City
12/08/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City
13/08/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City
14/08/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City
30/08/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City
04/09/1972New York NYUSAThe Bitter End
04/09/1972New York NYUSAMax's Kansas City