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Bruce Springsteen plays an AC/DC song to open 3rd Perth, Australia show

Wow! I’ll say it again, Wow!

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Please announce some U.S. dates because we’re going nuts watching these great set lists you’re playing in Australia.

Check out what was played Saturday at the third of three shows at the Perth Arena: Eight tour premieres and Bruce opens the show with AC/DC’s 1979 hit “Highway to Hell” !

AC/DC is from Australia and Bruce has said at his press conference earlier this week that he was interested in possible covers by bands from Australia. Last year, he played “Just Like Fire Would” by the Australian band The Saints and that song is on his new album.

Here it is. It’s quite the opener:

And for those who cringe everytime “Waiting on a Sunny Day” is played, that one got a break on Saturday. Yeah!. It was played at every show in 2012-2013 except one, the final show in Europe, July 28, 2013 in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Matter of fact, not one song was played off “The Rising” album on Saturday, the first time that has happened at an E Street Band show since the album came out in 2002.

The three shows in Perth featured 56 different songs. Saturday’s show clocked in at 2:57 and featured 28 songs.

There were eight tour premieres: “Highway to Hell,” “Streets of Fire,” “Candy’s Room,” “Downbound Train,” “Radio Nowhere,” “American Land,” “The Promise,” and “Terry’s Song.”

“Terry’s Song” was played for only the third time ever. It was played solo acoustic in the encores. Just like Friday, Bruce again closed the show with two solo acoustic songs as “Thunder Road” followed.

Nice to see the underplayed “The Promise” to start the encores. Bruce did it solo on the piano. Here it is:

Some texts from my friend from New Jersey at the show: “Highway to Hell kicked ass!” “Killer guitar solo on Adam Raised a Cain.” “Terry’s Song was great.”

In just seven shows on this tour, Bruce has now played 81 different songs.

Show began at 7:58 p.m. local time (13 hours ahead of New Jersey)

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