Magic Tour

21/10/2007 - Chicago IL - USA

United Center

Seconde apparition de "Your Own Worst Enemy" et retour de "No Surrender". "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" est dédiée à Patti, absente pour ce concert: "it's a kid thing, that's all I can tell ya!" L'intro de "Thundercrack" contient une allusion au Quiet Knight, un club de Chicago, où Springsteen avait joué plusieurs fois de suite en 73...

1 Radio Nowhere  
2 No Surrender  
3 Lonesome Day  
4 Gypsy Biker  
5 Magic  
6 Reason To Believe  
7 Adam Raised A Cain  
8 She's The One  
9 Livin' In The Future  
10 The Promised Land  
11 Your Own Worst Enemy  
12 Backstreets  
13 Cadillac Ranch  
14 Devil's Arcade  
15 The Rising  
16 Last To Die  
17 Long Walk Home  
18 Badlands  
19 Girls In Their Summer Clothes  
20 Thundercrack  
21 Born To Run  
22 Dancing In The Dark  
23 American Land  

Répartition par album:
Born To Run 3 titre(s). - 13,04%
Born To Run
She's The One
Darkness On The Edge Of Town 3 titre(s). - 13,04%
Adam Raised A Cain
The Promised Land
The River 1 titre(s). - 4,35%
Cadillac Ranch
Nebraska 1 titre(s). - 4,35%
Reason To Believe
Born In The USA 2 titre(s). - 8,70%
Dancing In The Dark
No Surrender
Tracks 1 1 titre(s). - 4,35%
The Rising 2 titre(s). - 8,70%
Lonesome Day
The Rising
We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions 1 titre(s). - 4,35%
American Land
Magic 9 titre(s). - 39,13%
Devil's Arcade
Girls In Their Summer Clothes
Gypsy Biker
Last To Die
Livin' In The Future
Long Walk Home
Radio Nowhere
Your Own Worst Enemy